About Me

My name is Rosemary “Rosie” Noonan. I am a contemporary portrait artist and I  launched my business, A Rosie View, in October 2022. I am known for my ability to capture the essence of my subjects in my bespoke portraiture and paintings of things of memory. I was raised in a small town off the suburbs of Dublin called Shankill, where I developed a love for art from a young age.  After I left Dublin , I had abandoned my passion for a couple of years and worked in HR corporate career for 20 years. While expecting my eldest son, I revisited  my passion and during the pandemic and decided to to study in NCAD, where I honed my skills in a contemporary art practice . After completing my studies, in 2022,  I launched A Rosie View, with the aim of providing bespoke portraiture and paintings of things of memory to a wider audience. My work is characterised by its attention to detail, its ability to capture the unique qualities of her subjects, and its emotive power. My paintings are highly personalised, and I work closely with my clients to ensure that each piece reflects their individual style and personality. My portraits are created using a variety of techniques, including oil painting, charcoal drawing, pastel, and watercolour, and I takes great care to ensure that each piece is of the highest quality. Today, I continues to create beautiful and emotive portraits and paintings that capture the essence of my subjects and the memories they hold dear. My work can be found in private collections across Ireland and even in the USA.